Is cinnamon safe during pregnancy

Cinnamon is a tempting herb for pregnant woman troubled with stomach pains, indigestion and other symptoms normally associated with pregnancy. Studies have been inconclusive on the effects of cinnamon’s safety during pregnancy so most of its risks remain theoretical. What is clear though is that cinnamon has enough going against it to be considered “unsafe” for pregnant women.

Medically it is known that developing fetuses do not have mature detox systems, making them vulnerable to everyday toxins in foods and medicine consumed by the mother. Some research into glycyrrhizin found in cinnamon has shown that it disturbs the placenta, exposing the fetus to toxins and stress hormones from the mother. High levels of hormones known as glucocorticoids can affect fetal brain development and has been associated with behavioral disorders in children, and can affect the levels of IQ in children. Another element coumarin in cinnamon is considered harmful at large doses and has been linked in some studies (though not concretely) in triggering uterine contractions and stimulate preterm labor.

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