How to Get Rid of Premature Grey Hair

  • Black Tea
  • Rosemary and Sage Tea
  • Curry Leaves
  • Ridge Gourd
  • Ginger & Honey
Using a hair color is the most common and obvious way to cover your grays. It is usually suggested to opt for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color on your hair if your hair is just starting to turn grey. They last for about a few weeks and do not damage your hair. However, in cases where there is almost 45-50% graying, it is better to use a permanent hair color that goes well with your skin and hair tone. Plus, prefer to use natural or neutral hair colors that are closest to your original hair color.
Indian gooseberry or amla is highly beneficial for reversing premature graying of hair. To prepare this remedy, you need to amla powder in coconut oil until the powder turns black. Cool and strain the solution. Finally, massage this oil on your hair and scalp on a regular basis. Amla powder can be purchased from a store or prepared at your home itself by drying fresh amla pieces in sunlight and eventually grinding them to get the powder. Besides, you can apply store-bought pure amla oil, a paste of amla powder and warm water, or a combination of equal parts of Indian gooseberry juice and almond oil to promote hair growth and eliminate grey hair. Furthermore, you can soak dried amla pieces in water overnight and use the solution as a last rinse after your hair wash. Plus, you may apply a tablespoon of amla pulp mixed with some lime juice and leave it overnight.
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