Effective Ways To Reduce Tummy After A C-Section

A caesarian section is typically performed when complications with pregnancy make traditional vaginal birth difficult, or puts the mother or child at risk. This is a major surgery, as a horizontal incision is made right through the abdominal wall and uterus.As a result of cutting through this tissue and sewing it back together, scarring occurs which affects the ability of the muscles to contract properly and results in a loss of abdominal stability for the mother.

Our bodies are made up of fasica, connective tissue, primarily collagen and interconnecting pathways of nerves. Scarring can directly affect the functioning of the neuromuscular system by sending abnormal signals to the brain. During healing, new collagen fibers grow in random patterns which can form adhesions that attach to muscles, bones, tendons, and even organs. This causes an abnormal pull on the fascial network and can disturb proper function. Thomas W. Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, Myofasical Meridians for Manual & Movement Therapists, describes a disruption in the fascial network as a snag in a sweater. The tug on the fascial net is communicated across the entire system.

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7 Healthy Breast Habits For Wise Women

On this Women’s Day, it is quite important to check out the things that hurt women more and take precautions and preventive measures against these perils. The pink ribbon, which is strongly associated with the urgency for us to donate and contribute to finding a breast cancer cure, is something that I would like to recall this very day. But let’s not forget that prevention is the best cure, therefore, the most important thing we can do today is to realize and become aware of some healthy habits.

7 Healthy Breast Habits

Check Labels of Your Cosmetics and Self-Care Products

Cancerous breast biopsies have shown higher accumulations of iron, nickel, chromium, zinc, cadmium, mercury and lead than non-cancerous biopsies. Don’t be fooled when you see the words natural ingredients or mineral oils. Companies know the kinds of words we want to see. Unfortunately, products on the market today don’t necessarily provide what they promise. Visit the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to learn more about the products you are using.

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Guide To Female Infertility And Getting Pregnant

27.5% of women between the ages of 15-44 suffer from impaired or outright infertility. (CDC, 2013a) A woman is deemed infertile if she is unable to conceive after 1 full year of trying. 1 in 5 couples is considered to be infertile. The chances of a woman conceiving diminished by 3-5% each year after the age of 30.

Possible Causes Of Female Infertility

There are many possible causes of female infertility some may be due to environmental issues such as toxins being consumed or accidentally ingested while others could be due to hormonal imbalances. Other causes can be due to damage to the fallopian tubes, cervical or uterine causes and then there are some cases where female infertility is simply unknown.

Corrective Measures

It has been proven that increasing proper nutritional intake and correcting deficiencies can help to balance hormones and thus increase the chances of a woman conceiving. By following an ‘Eating For Health’ diet, and following a building diet a woman can increase her chances of getting pregnant. Refined foods with toxins, antibiotics, and steroids only inhibit pregnancy and should be completely avoided while ‘Eating For Health’ on a fertility diet plan.

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Tips To Restore Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally.

Menstruation is that time of the month when most women are completely on the edge emotionally and physically. The surge of hormones creates a roller coaster ride that difficult to explain and control. But no two women share a similar experience and even the intensities vary every month for each one. Whether to seek medical opinion and pop those pills is always a dilemma. These medications provide temporary relief but create more chaos in the already complex hormone cycles that can disrupt cycles even further, sometimes permanently.

Every woman has a cycle that is unique to her. Although a normal menstrual cycle could be as short as 22 days, others can be as long as 36 days, and hardly anyone has a cycle that lasts exactly 28 days. What’s important is that your normal shifts don’t become abnormal. For some women that’s skipping an entire month or more without being pregnant.

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Is cinnamon safe during pregnancy

Cinnamon is a tempting herb for pregnant woman troubled with stomach pains, indigestion and other symptoms normally associated with pregnancy. Studies have been inconclusive on the effects of cinnamon’s safety during pregnancy so most of its risks remain theoretical. What is clear though is that cinnamon has enough going against it to be considered “unsafe” for pregnant women.

Medically it is known that developing fetuses do not have mature detox systems, making them vulnerable to everyday toxins in foods and medicine consumed by the mother. Some research into glycyrrhizin found in cinnamon has shown that it disturbs the placenta, exposing the fetus to toxins and stress hormones from the mother. High levels of hormones known as glucocorticoids can affect fetal brain development and has been associated with behavioral disorders in children, and can affect the levels of IQ in children. Another element coumarin in cinnamon is considered harmful at large doses and has been linked in some studies (though not concretely) in triggering uterine contractions and stimulate preterm labor.

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