What Are The Best Ways To Cure Nightfall Naturally

Most boys at the prime of their puberty and in some cases even the grown-ups occasionally wake up after an ejaculation following an erotic dream. This is called night fall. If it is occasional it’s fine, and can also be said healthy as it releases the urgent need for mating. However, the problem arises if it occurs frequently.

The causes of this vary from case to case. For some, it may occur due to suppressed sexual desires, hormonal imbalance or sometimes excessive masturbating. If not controlled this could lead to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, low sperm count and insomnia.

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6 Healthy Benefits of Sexual Healing You Can’t Ignore.

Sex: Amazing Combination of Health+Pleasure

It’s not called Sexual Healing for nothing. Sex can actually heal. It can heal your body and mind and prevent many diseases.

Some say it’s the first medicine ever known to man and it should be administered daily. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s discover the six reasons for which a man should have sex each day.

  1. Great Form of Exercise:
    Making love is a form of physical activity. During intercourse, the physiological changes in your body are consistent with a workout. You must have noticed that the respiratory rate rises, which means you get tired. Hence, you burn calories. If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes (but we know you can do better than that) you’ll burn about 7.500 calories in a year. That’s the equivalent of jogging 75 miles! Heavy breathing raises the amount of oxygen in your cells, and the testosterone produced during sex keeps your bones and muscles strong.
  2. Makes You Look Younger:
    Making love three times a week can make you look 10 years younger, claims a Scottish researcher. “It’s good for you to have good sex,” says David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, whose study on the effects of sex on aging appears in his book, Secrets of the Superyoung.
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How To Use Ashwagandha As A Sexual Rejuvenator?

Ashwagandha is both a rasayana herb, meaning one that aids the quality of life and longevity, as well as an adaptogen, a herb that improves one’s ability to cope with stress. It also increases Nitric oxide production which is helpful in dilating blood vessels which is a key factor in maintaining penile erection, which explains its traditional use as a sexual rejuvenator.

Ashwagandha can be used in the following ways as a sexual rejuvenator:

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Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Herbal impotence treatments are growing in popularity. Slowly but surely, more men are willing to seek treatment for this condition that significantly impacts one of life’s most precious pastimes. If you have signs of impotence, read on to find out how an herbal remedies can alleviate this problem.

The most notable symptom of impotence is erectile dysfunction. In simple terms, this means a man is either not able to achieve an erection at all, or he has difficulty maintaining an erection long enough to penetrate and/or fulfill his sexual partner.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Inadequate blood flow to the penis due to poor circulation or narrowed arteries is one cause of erectile dysfunction.
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