What Are The Health Benefits Of Papaya And Its Seeds?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Papaya And Its Seeds?

Refreshingly sweet in taste, papayas are bright, pear-shaped, exotic fruits that you’ll easily find in the market throughout the year. Papayas have a number of health benefits, especially if you hold of a good non GMO papaya. Here’s why you must consider including papayas in your diet:

Health benefits of Papayas:

1. Lowers Cholesterol levels: Papayas help inhibit the harmful LDL cholesterol and prevent any damage to the blood vessels and circulation that can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Hence, including papayas in your diet can be great for your cholesterol!

2. Promotes Digestive Health: Your diet should be rich in dietary fiber, if you want your bowels to be healthy and moving. One serving of papaya can satisfy a quarter of the recommended intake of dietary fiber for a day. Papaya also re balances your intestinal flora after an aggressive course of antibiotics.  Since the digestive enzyme papain helps to ease the burden of the complicated process of digestion, papaya is known to promote digestive health.

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