Make “Fat Loss” & Not “Weight Loss” Your Fitness Mantra.

The “Weight Loss” Dilemma:

A huge majority of people grappling with weight problems, or wanting to stay fit and healthy, fail to distinguish between losing weight and losing fat. For most the belief is that taking care of one should indirectly take care of the other. Partly true, but not necessarily a fact, making it imperative to understand what you are getting into when you dive into your gym-wear, wanting to either shed those love handles or to get that chiseled well toned look.

A majority of gym goers stick to their cardio routines to shed weight while keeping away from the somewhat challenging weight (or strength) training routines. They believe that strength training might tone them but not impress their bathroom scales.

So what’s important? Losing fat or losing weight???

Weight is the aggregate of everything that’s in your body …your fat, muscles, bones, organs, blood, water, tissues, etc. whereas fat comprises of subcutaneous (below the skin surface that makes us “look” thin or fat) fat and visceral (around our organs that the body stores as “reserve” backup fuel in emergencies) fat.

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