Improve Eyesight with Ayurveda : Herbs and Home Remedies for Failing Vision.

Losing vision or facing eye strain? Ayurveda believes that the root cause in most of the cases of failing vision, especially in the younger age, lies with habitual suppression or improper evacuation of the bowels as well as chronic cold and congestion. Therefore, Triphala or powder of the three Myrobalans (Aamla-Indian Gooseberry, Harad -Indian rhubard and Baheda-Beleric Myrobalan) is recommended both for internal as well as external purpose. Other drugs of choice like Mahatriphla ghrita, Yashtimadhu churana, Saptamrit Lauha etc. may be taken after consulting an Ayurveda physician. Particularly in case of chronic cold, there are some beneficial medicated oils that need to be deeply inhaled along with the therapy.


Care of Eyes is Mandatory

Daily eyewash has been since ages suggested by Ayurveda sages so as to be able to own the perfect natural vision life-long. As daily routine, eyes need to be washed with cold water. It is also suggested that prior to this act, the mouth be filled with water. This would make the eyes to be protruding out and better cleansing of the same could be accomplished.Read More

How To Remove Dark Spots Naturally?

Dark spots formation is one of the most common skin problems seen in both young and old adults. Also known as hyper pigmentation, these dark spots vary colour from red to brown to slightly blackish in colour. These dark spots tend to occur in different parts of the body, mostly seen on the face, neck, shoulders, arms and back.

The chemical that given human skin its colour is known as melanin, and excess production of this chemical on the skin can lead to freckles and dark spots on the skin. Here are a few common causes of dark spots.

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How To Reset Your Hormones And Melt Fat?

Many might not believe the term “resetting your hormones,” but you need not worry, as it does work in a lot of ways. In fact there is a direct relationship between hormones and weight loss. Since, the very aspect of weight loss is controlled by your hormones, including your metabolism, if you are aspiring to reduce, resetting your hormones can be an efficient way.

Naturopathic expert — Dr. Natasha Turner has long studied ways to naturally enhance life and weight loss with the right diet and lifestyle changes, through hormone changes and has also come up with several books.

How to reset hormone and melt fat?

First Detox

First, you should get rid of the toxins in your body by taking the right foods. Specific foods cause irritation in the digestive tract, due to this an imbalance of your hormones take place. Therefore, proper diet could detox your body with foods that have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

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How To Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss?

You’ve worked out really hard to achieve the look you desire. However, loose and saggy skin might be an hindrance and will make you look bulky. Loose or saggy skin is generally the result of extreme weight loss or pregnancy.  Now, when you lose weight quickly, the elastic components of your skin lose layers of fat that keep them stretched out over your body, and take time for their elasticity to adapt to your new shape. Here are a few ways you could naturally tighten the skin after weight loss, and avoid expensive surgical procedures.

Natural Remedies to Tighten skin after weight loss:

1. Limit your exposure to the Sun: Avoid being out in the sun for too long, as exposure to the sun would have a negative effect on your skin elasticity and further loosen up your skin. Also avoid hot chlorinated water, as it can dry and damage your skin cells.

2. Increase your water intake: Keeping yourself hydrated will keep your skin smoother, healthier and radiant. You must ensure to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. It also helps in tightening your skin, and has other health benefits as well.

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How To Turn Gray Hair To Its Original Color Naturally?

Gray hair, according to new findings, is caused by a massive buildup of hydrogen peroxide due to wear and tear on hair follicles. All hair cells make a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, but as you age, the amount increases. Essentially, you bleach our hair pigment from within and your hair turns gray and then white. Natural remedies can treat effectively problems such as thinning hair and premature graying.

Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair:

Flaxseed Oil Mix:

Flaxseed oil is commonly used oil in Ayurveda, and is used for reversing the premature graying of hair.

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