4 Yoga Mudras/Asanas To Enhance Your Sexual Vitality

4 Yoga Mudras/Asanas To Enhance Your Sexual Vitality

Why the Spark is important for a Relationship?

Some call it the “seven year itch” but ask anyone who has spent more than 5 years in a marriedrelationship and chances are you will hear some whining. Relationships goes through dry spells, no matter how steamy they were at the beginning. About 70% couples, especially in metropolitan cities, have to actually struggle to keep the passion alive in their relationship. Add to these increasing instances of men suffering from Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.

Marriage is an altogether different ball game from a live-in relationship, dating, or friendship. Factors like busy schedules, work pressures, stress, monotony, children and old age can wreak havoc in your sex life. Let’s face it, sex is the glue that holds a relationship together. More often than naught a gap in sexual desire leads to drop in passion in a marriage and the mutual “caring” gets pushed to the back burner.

Role of Yoga to Revitalize and bring back the Balance:

Yoga, apart from working wonders for your mind and soul, also enriches your sex life. Yoga helps you become aware of your senses and also understanding your sexual core. Through various asanas,mudras, pranayamas, and meditation, Yoga can create the right balance needed to appreciate, experience, and express your sexuality better.

As more and more people are discovering that practicing yoga holistically alters their mind-body-soul connection and it brushes off on your sex life as well, you need to approach these techniques under the guidance of an experienced Yoga practitioner. Yoga preaches adopting a proper diet and lifestyle while practicing these yoga techniques daily.

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