22 Ways to Go Green and Save Money

Many people think living an eco-friendly lifestyle means having to spend more, but organic produce, hybrid cars, and energy-efficient light bulbs are just one part of the equation.

There are many simple changes you can make that will help protect the planet and can save you money too. Here are 22 “little acts of green” you can put into action to keep more green in your wallet.

  1. Switch to e-bills. Many companies charge a fee to have paper bills mailed to you. Really, how many of us reference the hard copy anyway? While you’re at it, pay your bills online too.
  2. Save gift bags and reuse them rather than buying new gift wrap.
  3. Shop at the bulk store. Not just a place for Swedish Berries and root beer gummies, bulk stores offer a wide range of spices, baking ingredients, and rice for less and without the excessive packaging.
  4. Bring reusable bags with you whenever you shop.

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