13 Foods That Lower Cholesterol & Prevent Heart Attacks

13 Foods That Lower Cholesterol & Prevent Heart Attacks

You can help prevent a heart attack and lower your cholesterol naturally by eating foods that lower cholesterol. These should be used as part of a bigger picture plan to lower your cholesterol naturally with the guidance of your doctor or healthcare professional.

1. Kale

Kale helps with cholesterol in a few different ways. Like spinach, kale is high in lutein, and it also provides a good amount of fiber. Lutein has been shown to help lower levels of LDL cholesterol and stops cholesterol from building up in the body (4). Kale already provides so many healthy benefits, and its lutein content is just one more reason to start drinking green smoothies and getting more of it into your system.

Kale has received superstar status in the last few years, as the health benefits it provides hit mainstream consciousness. With a full day’s supply of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in a one cup serving of chopped kale, it’s clear to see what all the excitement is over.

There’s also plant protein and important minerals to help round out its nutritional profile.

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